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• Proporcionando soluciones de Wi-Fi para interiores y exteriores
• Atienden a los transportistas, proveedores de servicios, y Gobiernos
• Oficinas en Yoqneam,
• Israel 50 Empleados
• Oficinas Internacionales:

- North America: Florida, USA
- America Latina: Argentina, Brazil
- Asia: India
- EMEA: Africa, Russia

• Inversores: Elron and BRM Capital



Industria inalambrica de banda ancha


• Necesidades de la Clientela

  • Cobertura de Wi-Fi
  • BWA sin licencia
  • CPE's de bajo costo

• Necesidades de los paises desarrollados

  • Las Zonas Rurales
  • Computadoras portatiles y telefones inteligentes
  • Navegacion del I-Phone crea una demanda grande para WiFi
  • Clientes en la seguridad publica, AMR, y empresas de servicios 
Principals aplicaciones


Conectividad para empresas 
El Acceso residencial 
Internet para las escuelas y comunidades 
La Seguridad publica(video) 
VoIP / La Conectividad rural





La solucion de Wavion



Soluciones inalambricas


Tienes muchas opciones con los productos de Wavion 

Soluciones en bandas sin licencia 

Completamente Gestionada 

Trabaja bien con productos de otras marcas


Tecnologia exclusive de Beamforming


Usa 6 radios y 6 antennas 

Enfoca la energia hal cliente 

Crea senales optimos 

Se puede usar con cual quier 802.11 a/b/g clientes





Wavion Base Stations (WBS)



Wavion's base stations son grado industrial 
Tecnologia beamforming
Disenados para satisfacer desafios en la bandas sin licensia

Una cartera completa con BWA bandas sin licensia
Omni y Sector base stations en la banda 2.4GHz
WBS-2400 / WBS-2400-SCT 
Omni y Sector base stations en la banda 5.8GHz
WBS-5800 / WBS-5800-SCT  

Plataforma Estandar
Funciona con cualquier 802.11 CPE o con clientes incrustado  (Laptops, PDAs, Smartphones etc.)


Deployment Strategy:


WBS-2400 & WBS-5800


Customer Quotes

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

"WirelessGuys' work was very timely. They worked quickly through any issues that came up and got everything done right and on time. Some companies throw their hands up when they run into obstacles. WirelessGuys tackled the issues, worked through them and still finished in a timely manner. They also brought significant expertise to our project in terms of their antenna and cabling work as well as their advanced project management skills."

Sober Living by the Sea

"After speaking with Steven Williams and his team, their expertise and technical know-how was very apparent. They basically sold themselves. During the installation, I was quite pleased with the knowledge, project management skills and technical know-how they brought to the table."

Pepperdine University

The magic wasn't just in the new technology. It was that WirelessGuys knew how to tune the system and make the necessary planning decisions. That is what we value them so highly for. The expertise they brought to the table was just incredible!

Sober Living by the Sea

"I've had several questions since the project was completed and WirelessGuys has supported me in every way, even when the issues we faced weren't part of their wireless installation at all."

City of Monrovia , CA

"WirelessGuys' sales and technical staffs are very good and easy to work with."


WG Customer Care 

In-Building BDA Specialist 

WG Sales

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