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For years, a local book publishing company located in the rural hills of Santa Paula, CA was plagued with little to no cell phone or television reception and only dial-up internet service available to them.


According to the owner, Mike, when his friends bragged about their DSL service, signed up with a company only to find out that it was not available in his remote location.  His next endeavor was satellite television, later followed by satellite internet when upload/download capabilities became available.  Although satellite service is often spotty and inherently affected by weather conditions with a limited amount of throughput, it was still faster than his current dial-up scenario.  Business class dishes were installed on his property but Mike soon found that latency issues made satellite internet service problematic.  His business requires the transfer of large files overseas for printing.  The transfers often took up to ten hours due to dropped signals so it was not only time consuming but also very frustrating.  Mike limped along with satellite coverage for ten years with his satellite connection and then finally began a comprehensive search for a viable alternative.  A representative from Cisco Systems referred him to CEO, Steven Williams at WirelessGuys. He said this is the guy to contact for your complex wireless needs; they are an innovative wireless solutions provider based in Moorpark, CA and are the go to company for wireless challenges like this.


Pepperdine University School of Law

Pepperdine University School of Law (Malibu, Calif.) first experimented with wireless network connectivity to allow students to access the Internet and the school network remotely from their laptops while working in the library.

“We installed nine wireless antennas on our first floor and began supporting about 200 students,” said David Dickens, network services manager, Pepperdine University School of Law School.


“At that time, wireless infrastructure was pretty new to the educational industry.  We knew we wanted to enable our students to connect wirelessly for convenience and improved productivity, but we weren’t exactly certain how well received it would be and if it would prove mission critical to them.” 

Gozoe Wireless, Marshall, TX


“With sound expertise from WirelessGuys, they directed us from a very expensive platform that wouldn't work to an affordable platform that did work.” GoZoe Wireless, Marshall, TX

The Client:

From its home base in Marshall, TX, GoZoe Wireless uses new age wireless technology to "reach the unreachable", allowing hundreds of rural customers to enjoy high-speed broadband service. GoZoe Wireless has for the past decade installed 900 MHz subscriber units and access points throughout Marshall and the surrounding areas. 

Until recently, the company used 100% Trango equipment. When rumors surfaced that Trango would be leaving the Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) market, the company began using Canopy 900 MHz units with GPS sync and eventually converted to near 50/50% use of each product. According to GoZoe founder, Ashton Closner, Trango was "a little more bulletproof in the higher interference areas" and is "...more stable, has lower latency and is a little more resilient going through the foliage."

Customer Quotes

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

"WirelessGuys' work was very timely. They worked quickly through any issues that came up and got everything done right and on time. Some companies throw their hands up when they run into obstacles. WirelessGuys tackled the issues, worked through them and still finished in a timely manner. They also brought significant expertise to our project in terms of their antenna and cabling work as well as their advanced project management skills."

Sober Living by the Sea

"After speaking with Steven Williams and his team, their expertise and technical know-how was very apparent. They basically sold themselves. During the installation, I was quite pleased with the knowledge, project management skills and technical know-how they brought to the table."

Pepperdine University

The magic wasn't just in the new technology. It was that WirelessGuys knew how to tune the system and make the necessary planning decisions. That is what we value them so highly for. The expertise they brought to the table was just incredible!

Sober Living by the Sea

"I've had several questions since the project was completed and WirelessGuys has supported me in every way, even when the issues we faced weren't part of their wireless installation at all."

City of Monrovia , CA

"WirelessGuys' sales and technical staffs are very good and easy to work with."


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