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Wireless Calculations

WirelessGuys strives to make your wireless as easy as possible.

Below are a few calculations that you can use to estimate distances, angles, wattage, etc. Remember, the calculations given below are to be used for estimate purposes only. Please consult a WirelessGuys sales rep or consultant for accurate details. 




Survey Services


Site Surveys range from informal qualifications (shoot and scoot) to formal detailed documents for submittable to the FCC. 'Shoot and Scoot' : SHOOT AND SCOOT 

We bring radios, antennas and equipment to the proposed wireless link. We temporarily set the link up. If successful, we immediately begin to finalize the installation.


Formal Site Surveys

  • Quantify feasibility 
  • Quantify all costs for budget accuracy 
  • Discover variables for final RF Analysis


RF Analysis Services



  • All variables are analyzed in concert 

  • Reliability is quantified 

  • Outages can be predicted


RF Analysis

Route design is the development of an overall strategy for laying out a microwave route. The key objective of a good plan is to select sites that are acceptable from a technical standpoint as well as from cost and other non-technical considerations. Many factors affect site selection. The wise designer attempts to eliminate all risk of a site being rejected subsequent to the initial survey. The following preliminary steps assume that all the circuit requirements have been fully analyzed. 

Design Services


PtMP (Point-to-Multi-Point) and PtP (Point-to-Point) Wireless System Design, In-Building Wireless Design Services 

We design Wireless systems

  • that meet system traffic requirements
  • that meet reliability requirements
  • that are constructed at a minimum cost
  • with a proper foundation for future growth 

Customer Quotes

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

"WirelessGuys' work was very timely. They worked quickly through any issues that came up and got everything done right and on time. Some companies throw their hands up when they run into obstacles. WirelessGuys tackled the issues, worked through them and still finished in a timely manner. They also brought significant expertise to our project in terms of their antenna and cabling work as well as their advanced project management skills."

Sober Living by the Sea

"After speaking with Steven Williams and his team, their expertise and technical know-how was very apparent. They basically sold themselves. During the installation, I was quite pleased with the knowledge, project management skills and technical know-how they brought to the table."

Pepperdine University

The magic wasn't just in the new technology. It was that WirelessGuys knew how to tune the system and make the necessary planning decisions. That is what we value them so highly for. The expertise they brought to the table was just incredible!

Sober Living by the Sea

"I've had several questions since the project was completed and WirelessGuys has supported me in every way, even when the issues we faced weren't part of their wireless installation at all."

City of Monrovia , CA

"WirelessGuys' sales and technical staffs are very good and easy to work with."


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