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WirelessGuys services the entire State of California.



Our Field Technicians are trained and equipped to perform installation and service in:

  • Wireless Integration and Support
  • RF Analysis for Wi-Fi / Microwave / WWAN / IB Systems  
  • Wireless Network Design  
  • Site Survey for Wireless, BDA 


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Short Overview:

WirelessGuys is a wireless integrator providing providing 'parts', 'smarts' and, 'labor' to solve and design wireless communication challenges. WirelessGuys has been in business for over 20 years!

In-Depth Overview:

WirelessGuys provides solutions to both broadband and cellular communication challenges. We are an experienced reseller of both licensed and unlicensed broadband Ethernet IP point-to-point and multi-point wireless networks. WirelessGuys helps clients design, procure and install in-building cellular phone digital antenna systems, amplifiers and repeaters. 


What we do:

We provide Design, Installation, and Support for a variety of scenarios. Although we steer away from Small-Office-Home-Office (SOHO), WirelessGuys' motto is that no job is too big or too small; from SOHO to enterprise. The technologies that are implemented range from Radio Frequency (RF) to Laser to provide the best resources for growing company demands.

Customer Quotes

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

"WirelessGuys' work was very timely. They worked quickly through any issues that came up and got everything done right and on time. Some companies throw their hands up when they run into obstacles. WirelessGuys tackled the issues, worked through them and still finished in a timely manner. They also brought significant expertise to our project in terms of their antenna and cabling work as well as their advanced project management skills."

Sober Living by the Sea

"After speaking with Steven Williams and his team, their expertise and technical know-how was very apparent. They basically sold themselves. During the installation, I was quite pleased with the knowledge, project management skills and technical know-how they brought to the table."

Pepperdine University

The magic wasn't just in the new technology. It was that WirelessGuys knew how to tune the system and make the necessary planning decisions. That is what we value them so highly for. The expertise they brought to the table was just incredible!

Sober Living by the Sea

"I've had several questions since the project was completed and WirelessGuys has supported me in every way, even when the issues we faced weren't part of their wireless installation at all."

City of Monrovia , CA

"WirelessGuys' sales and technical staffs are very good and easy to work with."


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