Site Surveys range from informal qualifications (shoot and scoot) to formal detailed documents for submittable to the FCC. 'Shoot and Scoot' : SHOOT AND SCOOT 

We bring radios, antennas and equipment to the proposed wireless link. We temporarily set the link up. If successful, we immediately begin to finalize the installation.


Formal Site Surveys

  • Quantify feasibility 
  • Quantify all costs for budget accuracy 
  • Discover variables for final RF Analysis



On-Site Survey

Following the preliminary planning, the next step in implementing a communications system is to perform an on-site survey. The object of the site survey is to develop the framework for the network such that the established communications requirements can be met satisfactorily. The elements of a comprehensive site survey include:

  • The identification and location of potential splitters, antennas and repeater sites. 
  • The collection of site data for each potential location leading to a full description of each site. 
  • Conducting a field survey to corroborate the results of the computer simulation, eliminating less than optimum site locations, and identifying potential problems, peculiar items not evident from computer study. 
  • The final selection of sites, together with the formulation of final site and path data. 


The accuracy of these reports is determined by the care taken to describe the certain fundamental site and path parameters. These include, items found on topographical maps and site visitation. The accuracy of the items listed below is a function of the surveyor's ability to read maps and determine site conditions. The field study provides the basis upon which system parameters are established, performance calculations are made and analyses are conducted. The following considerations are researched during a field survey:


Site Survey Considerations


Full description of each site Geographical coordinates to nearest second; identification of political subdivision; access roads.
Area weather conditions Unusual weather conditions: Snow/ice accumulation, maximum expected wind velocity, and range of temperature.
Site physical characteristics Amount of leveling required: Requirement for removal of rocks, trees, or other structures.
Mean sea level of tower base Identification of mean sea level elevation at site of recommended tower locations.
Site access description Description for an access road from nearest improved road to propose site building; location.
Building code restrictions Discussion and identification of possible building code restrictions with recommended solutions to overcome the problem.
Earth curvature Identification of the equivalent earth radius factor K, used for each link.
Profile scales Identification of the dimensions of the horizontal and vertical scales used to plot path profiles.
Equivalent earth profiles Profile chart for each link, showing trees, on and off path obstructions, water, marsh, Fresnel zones radii, reflection points.
Reflection point calculations Calculation and identification of reflection points; determination whether paths from antennas to reflective points are clear or obstructed; identification potential reflection zones.
Large-scale map study Plot of sites and alternate sites on large scale maps, showing relative site positions; accurate determination of relative bearing between sites and separation distance; identification of method used.

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Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

"WirelessGuys' work was very timely. They worked quickly through any issues that came up and got everything done right and on time. Some companies throw their hands up when they run into obstacles. WirelessGuys tackled the issues, worked through them and still finished in a timely manner. They also brought significant expertise to our project in terms of their antenna and cabling work as well as their advanced project management skills."

Sober Living by the Sea

"After speaking with Steven Williams and his team, their expertise and technical know-how was very apparent. They basically sold themselves. During the installation, I was quite pleased with the knowledge, project management skills and technical know-how they brought to the table."

Pepperdine University

The magic wasn't just in the new technology. It was that WirelessGuys knew how to tune the system and make the necessary planning decisions. That is what we value them so highly for. The expertise they brought to the table was just incredible!

Sober Living by the Sea

"I've had several questions since the project was completed and WirelessGuys has supported me in every way, even when the issues we faced weren't part of their wireless installation at all."

City of Monrovia , CA

"WirelessGuys' sales and technical staffs are very good and easy to work with."


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